War is still going on in the world every day. Real soldiers are fighting, not for a good cause, but for their buddies right beside them. I don't have the guts to do what they do, but I admire them for it. We should all be greatful. I search the web for you to find the best footage from real soldiers doing there thing. No apoligies for language here, this is real life, deal with it or go elsewhere.


Sunday, November 26, 2006


A rock video style clip of Marines being Marines. Lots of ammo being used and a lot of things blowing up. This clip even contains some armour in action. The Marines use everything at their disposal to make their point heard. Semper Fi.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Hardcore military aircraft and tank BOOM video

Ok, another Armed Forces rock video. It's too cool not to show in this blog. Explosions, jets, air combat simulation, this is a smorgasborg of macho stuff going BOOM! Everybody would want to join the Air Force or Army after watching a video like this! If you like military aircraft and big explosions, you're going to enjoy this. A-10's, F-22 raptor, Apache and even a snippet of a Black Bird doing there thing.

US Armed Forces Combat Rock Video

Here you have more of a rock video format with stuff from the US Armed forces. It's cheesy but I find it pretty cool and it does contain real combat footage. From a demonstration of a full auto 12 gauge to a RPG equiped grenadier meeting his maker(probably was out for a pee during the portion of combat class that dealt with cover!), this video has all sorts of stuff.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

US Forces footage in Fallujah

This footage is from an action of US forces in Fallujah.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Canadian Army raid in Afghanistan

Here again are the brave Canadian soldiers in action as they raid a taliban position on July 13th 2006. Video was picked up on YouTube. Many humble salutes to the guy holding the camera.

Monday, September 04, 2006

German troops in Afghanistan

Here's a video about German soldiers in Afghanistan I picked up on YouTube. The text is in German, so I can't make out what it's about. There is an interesting montage of pictures taken during their tour of duty. One surprising item in the movie, I realised that they still use the MG-42 designed machine gun from WW2!

350 000 lbs of ammo going up in a big boom!

If you think that Aghanistan is some little war going on and that there is not much about it, check this out. This is but one ammo dump going up in style. 350 000 lbs of ammo going up is just a number. Check out the images that show what it actually represents, it is mind boggling! I freak out everytime I watch it.I can just imagine was is still lurking in hideouts all over those mountains... You guys be careful out there. This nice boom is courtesy of the EOD unit of the US Army. Of course this was found on YouTube.

Canadians ambushed in Afghanistan 2006/07/15

Here's some footage of the Canadian Red Devils unit being caught in an ambush in Afghanistan on July 15th 2006. My hat is off to these guys. The Canadians in Afghanistan are all volunteers. The footage you are about to see came from YouTube and is real. The soldier filming this is pretty crazy. Imagine holding a camera while people are shooting at you! Stay safe and come home soon guys, our prayers are with you.