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Monday, September 04, 2006

German troops in Afghanistan

Here's a video about German soldiers in Afghanistan I picked up on YouTube. The text is in German, so I can't make out what it's about. There is an interesting montage of pictures taken during their tour of duty. One surprising item in the movie, I realised that they still use the MG-42 designed machine gun from WW2!


Anonymous said...

We call this MG: MG 3. It is a special modificated version of that old MG. So we have a lot of Versions called MG 1, MG 2 and MG 3. It is a extremly good Weapon and lot of nations use that MG.
Before 10 Years we also have used the old P-38 Pistol which called in the German Army P 1. Surely they are not fabricated for the Nazi-Army. They all fabricated new and "fresh" for using in the German "Bundeswehr". Best Greetings!! Martin

Gerry Lauzon said...

Thank you Martin for that educative comment. It goes to show that a good design can pass the test of time. The MG 42 was also featured in Star Wars(The first one, but movie #4 in the chronology. It was passing as a space age gun and held by an Empire Stormtrooper. The weapon was unmodified and passed for a space age weapon on it's own.

Anonymous said...

Hi Gerry!

Here you see the German MG3 and MG2. MG3 have a construction to carry the ammo in a box, and it is possible to change the stock to grips so you have a version like the american Browning.
MG2 have a change to shot a bit slowly
MG1 is the same as the MG42 without changes but build for the new german army. Here at you Tube you can see this so called "Men Saw" (in German: Menschens├Ąge ) in action. The famous Omaha Beach Beast used the MG42 to stop the troops on the Omaha Beach in the Normandy.
Wow my English isn´t very good but I try my best.
Here the Link:

Best Greetings

Gerry Lauzon said...

Again, another very educative comment Martin. Don't worry about your english, it's very good.


Carlos Lanzas said...

Spanish (from Spain) troops used MG42 in Irak, too.

If politics don't give you money for new/modern guns... and it still kills... then use it! :)

Spanish troops also used Vietnam War radios in Irak.